Hi. I'm Steve. And I like to win.

My buddies do too. That's why I developed Pass The Chips Baseball, Hockey, Football & Golf. You know, just a friendly way to take each other's money and add a little somethin' somethin' to the games we were already enjoying together. Kinda like putting salt on your fries. Or, if you're like some of my buddies, into the wound.

Anyway, after explaining to nearby fans why we were having such a good time for about the 100th time, I decided to produce Pass The Chips on a large scale so others could join in the action.

The games are simple and fun and don't take more than a minute to learn. Which means anybody can play. And the side action keeps even the most casual fans interested and engaged. (Try playing for chores with your kids. I'm telling ya. It's a great way to get the garage swept.) And maybe that's the best part. Pass The Chips is a game where you can add or tweak the rules to fit your tastes or your group. We've included a few suggestions on how to spice things up in each game's rules, but I'd love to hear what you and your crew come up with. Send me an email with your brilliance. Or if you want more ideas. I'll get back to you. Promise.

I really hope you enjoy Pass The Chips. Watching a sporting event will never be the same again. And that's a good thing.

Enjoy & good luck,


The man who wants to take your money.
Fairly, of course.