The game that makes America's favorite pastime even more fun.

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The Rules

  1. Set a value for the chips. A buck, a beer, bragging rights...

  2. There are 8 chips. 4 positive (Single, Double, Triple, Home Run), and 4 negative (Strike Out, Double Play, Error, Hit By Pitch).

  3. After the anthem, but before the first pitch, players take turns drawing until all chips are gone.

  4. Players hold their chips for the entire inning. If a play matches your chip, you win (or lose) the agreed-upon amount from each player. Once a chip hits, it's retired until...

  1. At the end of each inning, players pass their chips to the player who drew after them in Step 3.

  2. Unless you're some sort of statistical genius, we recommend you pay as you go. For example, if you hold the Strike Out chip, and there's a strike out in that inning - pay up, sucka.

  3. Once you've mastered Pass The Chip Baseball, try our variations or make up your own.

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The Variations

  • Going, Going, Gone

    — Set the values for the positive chips higher with each base. So the Single chip is worth a buck, the Double chip is worth two, and so on.

  • Get Juiced

    — Remove the limit to how many times a chip can pay per inning. Say you have the Single Chip and the hits just keep on coming. You collect singles like a beer vendor, baby!

  • Negative Nelly

    — Vary the payout on the negative chips. So, for example, a Strike Out's a buck, a Double Play's two, an Error's three, and Hit By Pitch is a downright painful five.

  • 10th Inning Stretch

    — Game going into extra innings? Re-draw the chips and double the value. That'll test your stamina.

The Chips

  • Single Chip


  • Double Chip


  • Triple Chip


  • Home Run Chip


  • Strike Out Chip


  • Double Play Chip


  • Error Chip


  • Hit By Pitch Chip