The game where if the clock stops on your number, you win. At least momentarily.

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The Rules

  1. Gather 2-10 players. Preferably those willing to lose.

  2. Each player picks a different number between zero and nine.

  3. Set a value for the chips. A buck, a beer, bragging rights...

  4. The Banker holds the chips to start.

  5. When the clock stops, and the last digit matches a player's number, that player gets the corresponding chip, either from the Banker or the player currently holding it. Matches on different types of stoppage trigger the passing of different chips. Example: You have the number 6. There's a penalty. The clock stops at 13:26. Badda-bing - you get the Penalty Chip.

  1. A player can get more than one chip on the same clock stoppage. Say an interception returned for a touchdown. If your number matches the clock, you get both chips. Cha-ching!

  2. Dead Man's Rule: A player must notice that the clock has stopped on their number to receive any chips. If a player doesn't claim his chips before the clock starts again, he is richly deserving of ridicule, but not sympathy.

  3. Pay-Up Time: Whoever's holding the chips at the end of each quarter gets paid the agreed-upon amount, and the chips are given back to the bank to be redistributed in the following quarter.

  4. Once you've mastered Pass The Chip Football, try our variations or make up your own.

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The Variations

  • Negative Nelly

    — Give a few chips negative values. So instead of being worth a buck, it costs a buck. Or the last man holding, say, the Timeout Chip has to buy the first round after the game.

  • Let It Roll

    — Players not only get paid at the end of each quarter, but also keep their chips into the next one.

  • Overtime

    — Double all chip values for stoppages that take place in overtime. Given all the excitement, we recommend the bank hold all chips to start overtime sessions.

  • Sportsman's Holiday

    — Players get an instant bonus if the clock stops due to an Unsportsmanlike Conduct penalty.

  • Casino Jack

    — Select multiple digits per player. That'll keep ya Passing The Chips.

  • Double Jeopardy

    — Pay an immediate bonus if a player's number appears back-to-back in the ones and tenths column. Say the clock stops with 46.6 seconds left and you have number 6. Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

The Chips

  • Touchdown Chip

    Given for matching the clock when somebody hits pay dirt.

  • Penalty Chip

    Given for matching the clock when the hanky's thrown.

  • Field Goal Chip

    Given for matching the clock when those one-bar facemask guys do their thing.

  • Punt Chip

    Given for matching the clock when the punt returner is finally brought down.

  • Fumble Chip

    Given for matching the clock when the ball squirts away from one team and goes to the other.

  • Timeout Chip

    Given for matching the clock when timeout is called. See how easy this is?

  • Interception Chip

    Given for matching the clock when the quarterback completes a pass to the wrong guy.