The game that makes golf even more maddeningly enjoyable.

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The Rules

  1. Set a value for the chips. A buck, a beer, bragging rights. We recommend positive values for the good chips, negative values for the bad.

  2. There are 7 chips. 3 for good shots (1-Putt, Birdie & Par), 4 for bad (Woods/Out of Bounds, Water, Sand, 3-Putt or worse.)

  3. The Banker holds the chips to start.

  4. Chips are given or exchanged when a player makes a corresponding shot.

  1. The player keeps the chip until another player hits the same shot, then it's time to Pass The Chips. At the end of the round, the last person holding the chip wins (or pays through the nose). Follow the rules of golf as to who shoots in what order.

  2. The Yips Rule: If more than one player earns the 3-Putt chip on the same hole (and if that happens, may we suggest fishing instead?), all players 3-Putting must pay on the chip. So, if two players 3-Putt, that's double the winnings for those in the group who can actually putt.

  3. Once you've mastered Pass The Chip Golf, try our variations or make up your own.

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The Variations

  • Mulligan Stew

    — If a player earns multiple negative chips on the same hole, have an additional amount due immediately. Say, therapy.

  • Shared Pain

    — Treat all chips like the 3-Putt chip, which is "shared." So if multiple players hit the same shot on the same hole, they're all on the hook.

  • Wicked Turn

    — Settle up the chips and pay out after the 9th and 18th hole.

  • Negative Nelly

    — Assign one of the negative chips an even more painful value. Say, the 3-Putt chip is worth 3X the value. Ouch!

The Chips

  • 1-Putt Chip


  • Birdie Chip


  • Par Chip


  • Out of Bounds Chip


  • Water Chip


  • Sand Chip


  • 3-Putt Chip