The game where if the clock stops on your number, you win. At least momentarily.

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The Rules

  1. Gather 2-10 players. Preferably those willing to lose.

  2. Each player picks a different number between zero and nine.

  3. Set a value for the chips. A buck, a beer, bragging rights...

  4. The Banker holds the chips to start.

  5. When the clock stops, and the last digit matches a player's number, that player gets the corresponding chip, either from the Banker or the player currently holding it. Matches on different types of stoppage trigger the passing of different chips. Example: You have the number 6. There's a penalty. The clock stops at 13:26. Badda-bing - you get the Penalty Chip.

  1. A player can get more than one chip on the same stoppage. Say a Goalie Stoppage and Penalty happen at the same time. If your number matches the clock, you get both chips. Cha-ching!

  2. Dead Man's Rule: A player must notice that the clock has stopped on their number to receive any chips. If a player doesn't claim his chips before the clock starts again, he is richly deserving of ridicule, but not sympathy.

  3. Pay-Up Time: Whoever's holding the chips at the end of each period gets paid the agreed-upon amounts and the chips are given back to the bank to be re-distributed in the next period.

  4. Once you've mastered Pass The Chip Hockey, try our variations or make up your own.

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The Variations

  • Negative Nelly

    — Give a few chips negative values. So instead of being worth a buck, it costs a buck. Or the last man holding, say, the Stinger Chip has to buy the first round after the game.

  • Let It Roll

    — Players not only get paid at the end of each quarter, but also keep their chips into the next one.

  • Overtime

    — Double all chip values for stoppages that take place in overtime. Given all the excitement, we recommend the bank hold all chips to start overtime sessions.

  • Punch Happy

    — Players get an instant bonus if the penalty stoppage is due to a fight.

  • Casino Jack

    — Select multiple digits per player. That'll keep ya Passing The Chips.

  • Double Jeopardy

    — Pay an immediate bonus if a player's number appears back-to-back in the ones and tenths column. Say the clock stops with 46.6 seconds left and you have number 6. Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

The Chips

  • Home Goal Chip

    Given for matching the clock after the good guys score.

  • Away Goal Chip

    Given for matching the clock when those knuckle draggers get lucky.

  • Goalie Stoppage Chip

    Given for matching the clock when the goaltender freezes the puck.

  • Icing Chip

    Given for matching the clock when icing is called. Duh.

  • Penalty Chip

    Given for matching the clock on penalty stoppages.

  • Puck Out Of Play Chip

    Given for matching the clock when the puck leaves play. See how easy this is?

  • Stinger Chip

    Given for matching the clock on ANY stoppage during the last 5 minutes of each period. This chip carries a negative value - thus the stinger, baby.